Corporate Compliance

With corporate compliance we refer to your companies’ internal compliance and ethics program.

An effective compliance program for your company is essential. It safeguards your company and your employees against risks. As corporate compliance lawyers we review your current compliance program. We can also design a new compliance program, and roll it out effectively withing the company. We make sure you employees are trained in an effective and practical way, on-site or online.

We do all this in a practical and effective way, tailor made to your company and to the business sector your company operates in. We provide you with a clear set of internal rules and practical do’s and dont’s for your employees and management which reflect your company’s business values.

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Risk Assessment

This is the starting point of each compliance program. Where your compliance risks are, depends on your company’s profile and in which sector you operate. We help you with this exercise, it is a joint effort!


Designing and introducing a compliance program in your company is only the start. We also review your program. What’s working? What can be improved? Is extra training necessary? The law and rules can change. So do your risks. Competition and consumer law authorities, such as the ACM, expect a company to continuously work on the compliance program.


We train your employees in a practical way, with day-to-day business examples. Employees want to do ‘the right thing’. We help your employees to take the right decisions, by creating recognition of certain situations and act on it. We can train your employees ‘on site’ and/or online.

Investigations by an authority

Even if you have a solid compliance program in place, you may be confronted with an investigation by a competition or consumer authority, such as the ACM. In our experience, such investigations are often very time consuming and can put enormous pressure on your employees and management. We can help you with these investigations by coming ‘inhouse’ for a certain period of time as your corporate compliance lawyer (on a ‘project’) and unburdening your staff. We are very experienced project lawyers.

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